The weirdest things ever found by archaeologists

If you think that archaeology is simply rummaging around looking for old bones in dusty temples, well you’d be wrong. While that is part of the job, archeologists have also made some pretty weird discoveries and some of them even have defied attempts to categorize.

They might even be supernatural in origin for all we know, but these items that were found by archeologists prove that even they can have some not normal days at the office and that the world and their work is shrouded in mystery.

Pay attention… it’s gonna get weird

Stone spheres in Costa Rica

These massive stone balls are made from gabbro, which is the black rock you often see volcanoes made out of when magma flows through the stone. Archaeologists say that these rocks were carved by native people using other small rocks, although their purpose is unknown.

Some think they were used as markers while others think that they were used for studying the stars, but the makers of the stone all have vanished, so we may never know.

The Antikythera mechanism

This artifact is over 2,000 years old and was found in a Greek treasure ship, but the weird part is how it works. It contains gears and symbols in the bronze and almost looks like a modern-day analog clock. It’s been confirmed that it is an astronomical calendar, but why and how it was made by the ancient Greeks, as well as why no similar devices have been found is still a mystery.


No not the flying kind. These are low stone walls that were built in the Middle East and crisscross the desert like a maze. They’ve been theorized to be mazes that funneled hunted animals into pits where they could be easily trapped and slain without much effort by the hunters.

They are called kites due to their look when seen from above, and the sheer effort and sophistication from these traps show a knowledge of local animals far from what archeologists believed the natives had at the time.

Gobeki Tepe

This discovery might just change everything people thought they knew about civilization, as the prominent thought is that people made towns around food, then built temples in permanent areas. However, this temple in Turkey shows that the builders of the temple were nomadic hunters and not settled down farmers.

So which came first? The settlement or the temple? The answer could change the way scientists and archeologists both think about the evolution of permeant civilizations.

So many more questions

With every single weird discovery, archeologists have to ask themselves not only what they are looking at but also why that object exists and what its purpose. Even with a deep study into the discovery as well as knowledge of the people who built it, some questions just haven’t been answered.

Still, everyone is hoping that technology and further study will help provide some answers, especially the archaeologists who made the discovery.

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